Malcolm Fisher lives in the town of Ramelton in county Donegal…
Malcolm spent most of his life working in factories but always had a passion for the love of music..
Malcolm played drums in a wedding band along his brother Sammy and good friend Pius Doherty, after a sudden passing of Sammy in 2002 he took a break from music.
Two years later he was back on the road with another band as bass player, with the decline in bar music he decided to go as a 1 person country artist, this all started back in 2011 and since that time he has recorded 6 albums to date and numerous singles and DVD’s.
His favourite artists has always been Dire Straits and the Eagles. He also spends the time caring for his mum Mary at the home in the countryside of Ramelton.
His other passion is rally cars as Sammy was a rally driver in the famous yellow mini.  Since he started up doing his 1 man show he has played several bars and hotel around his native Donegal and various location up & down Northern Ireland and was delighted to share the stage with the icon Gloria at the Queen Hall Newtownards